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Trondheim adventure

Go north. The friends SMS started this adventure. I was searching for new job and to contact my former customers in Trondheim looked like excelent idea.

On Sunday August 18th I started from Vizovice to Prague where I met with my kids and the same evening I went up to Germany. It was very hot that day still unusual summer and I felt like riding so ended up at 10 pm just passed Dresden cos of quick storm and heavy rain. I had brand new raining gear but there was no time to put it on, so again wet I just arrived to the closest rest area and stayed under roof of picnic place there untill the morning. Next day I drove to Berlin, had a lunch there and in the evening was on the boat Hucckleberry Fin from Rostock to Trelleborg Sweden. Stayed for the night at the deck.

In the morning at 5 am I started to drive through local roads to Goteborg, having short rest just by the road. I spend some time at Grotwick at the ocean , it was lovely place. At Goteborg I decided to visit Harley dealer for missing bolts. Unfortunately it would take one week to order it so I continued.

Next day I was already too far to return to shop to fix it so I just used tape. Another two days took me to get to Oppdal where I visited Jan. Norwegian ski resort is beautiful and I spend one week in Trondheim. To get the job at local NAV was not easy and I returned back to Prague. The road back took me 3 days but I had two events, lost oil and lost bearings. Finally I got back with the help of local guys.

It was about 4200 km in 7 riding days, average 600 per day.

Johan Helgesen, Trondheim " dovolená byla opravdu úspešná...."

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